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Laboratory/Field pH & ORP Electrodes
Epoxy Body Electrodes 93K Epoxy body laboratory and field pH & ORP combination electrodes.
Tri-probe 13K Epoxy body laboratory pH electrode with integral temperature sensor
Glass Body Electrodes 171K Glass body laboratory and field pH & ORP electrodes.
Half Cells 67K Half cells for applications where a combination electrode is unsuitable.
Tuff Tip® 89K Tuff Tip® laboratory/field pH electrodes - ideal for abrasive samples.
Red Rod 117K Red Rod laboratory/field pH electrodes - precision double junction electrodes with fast response.
pHree Flow 69K pHree Flow pH electrodes have a junction which can be flushed clean by pressing the electrode cap.
Microflow 38K An in-line flow cell and electrode for laboratories & pilot plants.
Biotechnology pH & ORP Electrodes
Autoclavable Electrodes 58K Glass autoclavable electrodes for small fermentors.
Fermprobe 20K Replacement electrodes for fermentors
Industrial pH& ORP Electrodes
In-line assembly 14K In-line electrode assembly in Kynar or stainless for use with replacable electrodes
Replacement electrodes 22K pH & ORP electrodes for use with in-line and submersible assemblies.
Pipeline Electrodes 19K Low cost disposable pipeline & submersible pH & ORP electrodes in CPVC, Kynar®, & Stainless Steel.
TBI-Bailey Equivalents 37K Equivalents for TBI-Bailey pipeline & submersible electrodes made by pHoenix.
Flat Surface Electrodes 26K CPVC & Kynar® pipeline pH & ORP electrodes with a self cleaning flat surface for low maintenance installations.
Live Tap 29K Live Tap electrodes allow simple electrode replacement in live processes.
Model P721 29K Low cost industrial pH & ORP electrodes for in-line or submersible applications.
Model P821 41K Tuff Tip® industrial pH electrode with optional differential pre-amplifier for in-lin or submersible applications.
Model P822 31K Low cost Tuff Tip® industrial pH electrode for in-line or submersible applications.
High Purity Water 27K Flow-through assembly for pH measurement in high purity water
Conductivity Electrodes
Laboratory & Field Types 29K Plastic & glass body conductivity electrodes for most laboratory and field applications.
Industrial Types 34K Industrial pipeline & submersible conductivity electrodes.
Model C527 29K Low cost industrial conductivity electrode for in-line or submersible applications.
Model C621 22K Stainless steel industrial conductivity electrode for arduous applications.
Dissolved Oxygen Electrodes
Plastic Electrodes 27K Low cost plastic dissolved oxygen electrodes
Glass Electrodes 24K Disposable glass electrodes
SS Electrodes 64K Stainless steel electrodes for industrial applications
Flow-through Assembly 17K Flow-through assembly for in-line applications
Model 2262 266K Low cost 4-20mA pH transmitter.
Model 2262 179K User Manual
Connectors 185K Drawings of the different connectors available on pHoenix electrodes to match the different makes of pH meter.
Temperature Compensators 29K A table of the different types of temperature compensators which can be fitted into electrodes.
ORP 52K A simplifed explanation of ORP measurement
Legal Documents required by South African Legislation
BEE Certificate   Current BEE Certificate
PAIA Manual   Manual in terms of section 51 of the Promotion of Access to Information Act.
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