Half Cells pH & ORP

The modern trend is to use combination electrodes which contain both a reference electrode and a measuring electrode. For applications where the two electrodes need to be separated we offer a selection of half cells.

5773301 Glass Mono pH 0~13pH GX-2 0~100°C  
Water, macro samples, TRIS buffer, sea water 12mm dia. x 110mm
5771423 Glass Ag/AgCl reference  Refillable     0~100°C Single Junction Ag/AgCl
Water, macro samples 12mm dia. x 110mm
5771424 Glass Calomel Reference Refillable   -5~80°C Single Junction Calomel
Water, macros samples, TRIS buffer 12mm dia. x 110mm


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5731428-003D Reference Electrode
Due to cancellation of an order we have this electrode on special. Single Junction Refere..
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