Twist-Lock ph & ORP

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Low Cost Replacements
Long-lasting, reliable, and low in cost for pH and ORP sensors. Twist-Lock housing design allows for an all-in-one electrode or sensor replacement to reduce inventory requirements.

Housing Features
¼ turn is all that is required for installation. The housing is ribbed for easy handling.
O-ring Arrangement
Dual external o-rings and an internal o-ring seal the electrode from any process leakage.
Quality "Built In"
All parts meet strict, documented quality specifications, followed through each step of the manufacturing process.

Safe Operation
A stop pin is installed in the adapters for positive electrode/sensor positioning; locking pins on the housing are visible through an opening 90° from the removal slots to assure correct installation.
The Van London-pHoenix Co. Twist-Lock™ mounting system provides continuous pH, ORP, or Conductivity monitoring with safe and convenient service capability for any flow-through system. Typical installations include by-pass streams, sample systems, or sensor stations.
Pressure Rating: 150 PSI
Temperature Range: * 130°C (266°F)
Process Connections: ½:, ¾", 1" and 1½"
Conduit Connection: ¾" MPT
O-Ring Seals: **Viton™ (standard)
pH Range: 0-14
Reference Style: Double junction Ag/AgCl with Solid Polymer Reference
* Recommend metalic Twist-Lock adapter for process temperatures above 80°C (176°F)
** Other Materials available
Dimensional and Mounting Detail
Installed Twist-Lock Series Twist-Lock Installation Angle Range
Adapters, tees, electrodes and sensors are all sold separately. A Twist-Lock adapter is required for initial installation.
To build your own part number, first determine the electrode or sensor style required and then replace X's, Z's, and Q's with selections listed in the drop-down menus on the back page.
Call the factory if electrode application assisstance is required. Conversion information is also available for quick replacement of existing installations.
V100 Z - XX QQ: Twist-Lock pH Electrode (Ryton®)
V110 Z - XX QQ: Twist-Lock pH Electrode (Ryton®) & 316 SS Solution Ground)
V120 Z - XX QQ: Twist-Lock pH Electrode (Kynar®)
V130 Z - XX QQ: Twist-Lock pH Electrode (Teflon®)
  | | |
  | | Connector Type
  | | B BNC
  | | H Stripped & Soldered Wire Tips
  | | BH Male BNC & Hanked (tinned)
  | | F 4-Pin Military (Male)
  | |
  | Lead Length
  | Specify lead length in even feet.
  Automatic Temperature Compensator (ATC)
  1 3,000 ohm
  7 300 ohm
  9 8,525 ohm
  B 100 ohm
  E 1,000 ohm
1906644 - XXQQ: Twist-Lock ORP ELECTRODE (Ryton®)
Temperature Compensator Optional
BNC connector Hanked connector BNC + Hanked connector Type F connector
BNC Hanked BNC & Hanked Type F
9210038 4.00pH, 7.00pH and Deionized Water rinse (1 pint each)
9210037 4.00pH, 7.00pH and 10.00pH (1 pint each)
9210039 7.00pH and 10.00pH and Deionized Water rinse (1 pint each)
9210079 Anti-fouling solution to reduce electrode-coating problems
9210008-125 Electrode storage solution KCl/4.00 pH buffer (125 ml)
1600143 Kynar Twist-Lock Adapter, 1" MPT
1600143G Kynar Twist-Lock Adapter, 1" MPT Guarded
1600142 Kynar Twist-Lock Adapter, ¾" MPT
1600142G Kynar Twist-Lock Adapter, ¾" MPT Guarded
1500143 Stainless Steel Twist-Lock Adapter, 1" MPT
1500143G Stainless Steel Twist-Lock Adapter, 1" MPT Guarded
1500142 Stainless Steel Twist-Lock Adapter, ¾" MPT
1500142G Stainless Steel Twist-Lock Adapter, ¾" MPT Guarded
1502203 Stainless Steel Pipe Tee, 1" FPT
1502202 Stainless Steel Pipe Tee, ¾" FPT
1602203 Kynar Pipe Tee, 1" FPT
1602202 Kynar Pipe Tee, ¾" FPT
Other accessories and materials are available.
Consult factory for options.
Transmitter Temp. Comp. Cable Connector
Yokogawa B H
ABB/TBI 515 1 BS
   1181 w/preamp in transmitter * SL
   1181 w/remote preamp * BH
   2081, 3081, 4081, 5081, 1055 & XMT B H
Honeywell w/preamp 9 H
Ingold/Mettler Toledo B H
Endress & Hauser B H
Foxboro B H
Great Lakes Inst. B (conventional) H
Great Lakes Inst. 7 (differential)  
* Preamp depandant - Consult Van London-Phoenix Sales Staff.
Additional electrode styles, materials, buffer solutions & wiring adapters are available.
Ryton is a trademark of Phillips 66 Company SPR and Twist-Lock are trademarks of the Van London-pHoenix Co.
Teflon and Viton are both trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co.


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