Toroidal Conductivity



This Toroidal Conductivity monitoring system consists of a loop powered transmitter and an electrodeless conductivity sensor in a single package. Temperature compensation is accomplished with an RTD Pt100 built-in to the sensor. Application includes water treatment, cooling tower and water monitoring.

Principle of Operation:

When the electrodeless Conductivity sensor is immersed in the solution to be measured, a conductive loop is created through the two toroidally wound coils. An alternating current is applied to one of the coils, which includes a current in the conductive loop. The second coil is used to measure the Conductivity, which is proportional to the induced current in the solution. The advantages of the electrodeless method are more apparent in measurement applications in which electrode contamination and polarization of a conventional system can lead to erroneous readings.

Range: 0/10 mS (0/100-0/1000 mS on request) Max. Pressure: 3 Bar at 25 °C
Power Supply: 24 VDC Temperature Coeff: TC of the liquid + 0.3%/°C
Load: 600 ohm max at 24 VDC Cable length: Standard length, 3 meters; other cable lengths available on special order
Installation: In-line or Submersible
Cell: Toroidal Temperature Sensor: Pt100
Length: 207mm (Overall); 86mm (Insertion) Thread: 1 1/2" MNPT
Body: CPVC or Kynar Max. Temperature: 104 °F (40 °C)


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