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Fermprobe Fermprobe® Type Replacements pH/Redox Electrodes

This series of steam sterilizable and autoclavable pH electrodes and ORP electrodes has been designed to retro-fit the Broadley James Corp. FERMPROBE® ELECTRODE HOLDER.  These electrodes have been engineered as improved replacements using the same configuration as the original equipment.

SE551M Knick Sensors (Including Memosens®) and Fittings

Measured-value acquisition for every application: pH (both glass and ISFET), Conductivity (2/4 electrode cells and electrodeless), and Oxygen (sterilizable, autoclavable and CIP compliant).

Micro Autoclavable Micro Autoclavable Electrodes

This series of miniature steam sterilizable, combination pH and redox electrodes are designed for small bench top fermentors and culture apparatus. The electrodes are designed to fit all 12mm and 6mm electrode holders or rubber stoppers used in bench top fermentors.

pHastrac pHastTrac® 2000

The proven design of the pHastTrac® 2000 is ideal for applications in the food, process, pharmaceutical and many other industries where frequent cleaning and calibration of the pH and/or ORP electrode is required. Incorporated in this system is a clean / cal chamber that allows the user to remove the electrode from a process line or tank while maintaining production integrity.

Steam Sterilizable Refillable pH and ORP Electrodes

This series of steam-sterilizable pH and ORP electrodes are designed for small fermentors where sterilization is performed in an autoclave in non-pressurized operation. The electrodes can withstand repeated sterilization up to 130°C and feature a detachable cable assembly insulated with a water tight connector.

In Situ Sensor Sealed In-Situ Sensor For Fermentation

This new generation, low cost, steam sterilizable insertion sensor is specifically designed for low maintenance requirements.   The assembly is low profile and features an easily replaceable, sealed, combination pH or ORP electrode.

Weld-in socket Weld-In Sockets

25mm and 19mm Weld-In Sockets and accessories.


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